Growing up in Japan, Mr. Yoshiteru Koide grew accustomed to the many health benefits of probiotics. With his vision of spreading awareness of probiotics, he established Probiohealth LLC, at California, USA in 1999.

Having established Probiohealth’s presence in the US market, Mr. Yoshiteru Koide searched for different regions where probiotics will greatly benefit the population.

In one of his trips to the Philippines, he noticed that there was only a few probiotics available in the market. At a time when the Filipino people’s health awareness was increasing, it was a perfect time for Probiohealth Philippines to introduce it’s line of high quality probiotics.

Mr. Yoshiteru Koide, realizing that the health needs of the Filipino people were different from those of other countries, tasked the scientists at Probiohealth’s own fermentation plant, Probioferm, to work closely with Probiohealth’s team of pharmacists, to develop a line of products specifically catered for the Philippines.

Probiohealth and Probioferm, equipped with cutting edge probiotic fermentation and microbiological testing facilities, was able to develop a line of products that is backed by research and extensive clinical trials.

Having at least 20 years of experience and having been a pioneer in launching innovative and effective probiotics, Probiohealth meant to serve the increasing health demands and needs of the Filipino people.

Guided by it’s passion to serve and educate, one of the companies’ major goals is to assist in disseminating vital information and innovations about probiotics to the public.

And with the drive to improve the health of Filipinos, Probiohealth Philippines, Inc. was established in 2007 to manufacture and distribute 100% high quality, effective, and affordable probiotics.