I was looking for an additional supplement for my son because he was always sick and had to miss a lot of school days. I also noticed that he was not as energetic or playful as the other kids in the neighbourhood, so I consulted with his paediatrician. He recommended that I try probiotics so that my son can absorb more nutrients from the food I prepare for him. I tried a few sachets of Probiokids plus Zinc for a couple of weeks, but when I saw the improvement in my son, I decided to make it a part of my son’s everyday supplements.

-Giselle Fabella

Whitening products before have only been associated with women and vanity. But later on, as times changed, men have also understood the need to feel confident by looking and feeling good “inside and out”. After using Probio-White, I felt the sudden change that the product brought to my skin, my well-being and the whole me. I feel even younger and rejuvenated with Probio-White.

-Richard Tolentino

I was looking for a good supplement for my child’s appetite because he was underweight and had erratic eating habits for almost 3 years. I went to his Pediatrician and he recommended that I give him Probiokids. I was really surprised that in just a week of continuously taking Probiokids, my son already gained a few pounds. I’m very happy with the result.

-Mary Grace Castillo

I was hesitant to use this for Diarrhea before, but when I tried it, I can definitely say, KE-99 is better than any other drug.

-Sheryl Tan

I took KE-99 for a month and it works!

-Carlos Morales

For years, I have been searching for a good moisturizer for my skin because usually, lotion is not enough.

I tried so many products but only Probio-White did not disappoint me. After just a week of use, my skin became smoother and healthier. I’m so thankful that I discovered Probio-White.

-J. San Juan